We are the voice of helpless animals and they need our help

Animal cruelty in the UK is on the rise, at an alarming rate.

It’s a simple formula, but it works. Donors to the Animal Rescue Foundation may respond to an appeal they receive in the mail, or after reading this website, they may decide to send a cheque, sign up for a standing order or direct debit, or write a bequest into their will.

Whatever route a donation takes, it’s used to support animals in need of care and attention by supporting smaller animal charities throughout the UK where rescue centres, shelters and re-housing projects need help. Foundation money is used by charities to help in such areas as fund-raising, administration and capital projects, thus allowing these local organisations to concentrate on looking after their animals.

Only those charities with a declared ethical policy regarding animal care and re-homing will be supported by the Foundation.

The Foundation itself aims to spend as little as possible on its own administration, with ‘internal’ costs being spent on such activities as mailshots, travel to visit existing and potential charity clients and building relationships with schools.

From the start, the Foundation has refrained from rescuing and adopting stray animals that would need their own buildings and facilities, when there are sufficient charities and shelters already doing this.

From the start, we set out to help those on the front line by making grants available to those smaller charities who may have some funds in place but need more to complete a specific project over a phased period.

It’s a system that works. Over the years the Animal Rescue Foundation has raised some £1.1 million – enabling about £70,000 a year to be devoted as vital funds for out smaller animal charity clients – and thus saving the lives of many animals under threat.